Thursday, 4 October 2012

Stars for National Poetry Day

Happy National Poetry Day to those of you in the UK! The theme of the day this year is stars, so I'm posting below a ghazal on the theme that was first published in the Ghazal Pages Astronomy Issue.


Starry Skies

This woodland clearing dances with bright stars
the sky above full of glistening stars.

The city night glowing strangely orange
no room found now for the twinkling stars.

Sparks rise from the bonfire into the sky
to find their place with the glittering stars.

Trees in the park are draped with fairy lights
that mirror the sky full of shining stars.

Gazing at the astronomy photo
the poet is lost in inspiring stars. 

As ever, text in red contains hyperlinks that take you to other websites where you can find out more.  


Martin said...

Very nice, Juliet.

Betty Manousos said...


thanks for brightening my day.

bunnits said...

love it! Thanks

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

I'll put a poem on Stars very soon in my blog...the stars I saw and sensed one night after walking a friend of mine to the boat stop and throwing noisily the rubbish bag into the container...a very Unpoetical act that produced a poem...under the stars.

Caroline Gill said...

I love the Ghazal form, so suited to these starlit cameos! 'STARS' has been a great theme ...

dosankodebbie said...

Absolutely lovely! You could make an etegami of each poetic image. One line particularly grabs me, so maybe I'll paint it myself.

Rabbits' Guy said...


Every night now!

A rare treat

Here in the Pacific Norhtwest.

Ms Sparrow said...

I had to google "ghazal" to learn what it is. What an interesting form!

Gillena Cox said...

lovely poem Juliet

much love...

Catherine said...

I went to national Poetry day Live in London because I was a Commended Foyle Young Poet of the Year this year, and it was amazing! There were so many great poets reading their fantastic poetry, and it was really inspiring. have you ever been? It's a free event, so you should go next year! :)
Catherine x